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portret Ingrid Ledent


In my work, I augment the use of traditional lithography combining them with computer print, video and audio.

Conceptually, the process of printmaking is quite significant and has become a part of the content of my work. I am mainly fascinated by reproducibility and use it as a generating element. During the printing process, the “repetitions” get layered on one another creating new visual forms.

Time, as it is also in a process, is the basic theme in my work. I am strongly influenced by Henri Bergson’s idea of time, especially his philosophical thinking about “durée,” the continuous living of a memory which proceeds the past into the present. Emerging out of the manner in which I experience time, I highlight what can not be interpreted as concrete, within measurable time, for the soul is not able to comprehend the experience as a phenomenon within the limits of time. This is a foundation for my images, a non – transparent, archaic tissue of frequently recurring forms. Also important in the content are processes of manipulation, the phenomena of the matrix and the controlled coincidence or serendipity. Time is also involved in the human body as well as in the actions it undertakes. Therefore, I often use my own skin and body parts to reference and translate time in more visual aspects. In this manner, time taken to produce the lithographic print is mirrored in the passage of time evident in the creases in the skin, so that my physical presence, in a kind of self-portrait, becomes unified with the process I followed over a passage of time producing the work as a whole.

in a whirl

In a Whirl, 100cm x 138cm, lithography and computerprint, 2015


fractions 30

Fractions 30, 30cm x 60cm, lithography and computer print, 2016



Mind-stream of Consciousness

Prints: 107cm x 225cm, lithography

Three-dimensional part on the floor (lithographies printed on Whenzou-paper and mounted on wooden blocks), 225cm x 225cm

Video-projection on top of the lithography on the wall, 107cm x 225cm



whirl in time

Whirl in Time

Prints: 100cmx195cm, lithogarphy and computerprint printed on Zerkall paper

Blocks: variable dimensions, lithography printed on Whenzou paper and mounted on wooden blocks

Projection: 100cmx130cm






Prints: 200cm x 120cm, 200cm x 130cm, lithography, computer print

Video-projection on white sand, variable size



La Durée

La Durée

Lithography and computerprint on Zerkall paper

Wooden blocks of varible size with lithography printed on Wenzhou paper

Video and sound

Variable size




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