Exhibition Krzysztof Tomalski “Antigravity”, 6th December, 2016 – 1st February, 2017



It is a great honour to announce the exhibition of Krzysztof Tomalski in Gallery Studio Naranča in Split, as a part of Splitgraphic 2016 programme.

The exhibition will open on 6th December, 2016 at 7 pm


(from the catalogue)

Mastery and Visual Language in Krzysztof Tomalski’s Graphic Oeuvre

During the last three editions of Splitgraphic biennial, the number of Polish graphic artists has considerably grown, and at this moment Polish graphic artists are significantly represented in the number of applications, exhibited works and awards at group juried biennial exhibitions from 2011 to 2015.

The tradition of graphic art in Poland is especially strong, which makes it a significant and innovative graphic scene in Europe. Graphic art in Poland is fostered by excellent education and work conditions at the academies in the field of graphic art, as well as a large number of biennial and triennial exhibitions, whose leading example is the International Print Triennial in Cracow, the most esteemed graphic art manifestation in Europe, which is, together with Biennial in Ljubljana, the oldest graphic art biennial.

Graphic artist Krzysztof Tomalski comes from the Krakow’s Academy, where he is a professor and dean of Graphic Art Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts, and a long-time collaborator of International Print Triennial in Krakow. As a winner of Special Award at Splitgraphic 2015, Krzysztof Tomalski was invited for a solo exhibition in Split.

The graphic works shown in Split come from his Antigravity series, which Krzysztof Tomalski created between 2013 and 2015. The first important characteristic of Krzysztof Tomalski’s graphic oeuvre is the technique alintaglio, which the artist developed himself and used to executed his works. As the name of the technique says (aluminium + intaglio), alintaglio is a technique where aluminium plate is used as a matrix for intaglio. These technical endeavours into the development of a new graphic technique the artist conducted from 2012 to 2015, and connected them with his inner creative tendencies. Merging the craft in graphic arts with his own artistic narrative in the development of the alintaglio technique, the artist discovers the potential of the technique itself in his own graphic works. The Antigravity series comes out of existential interests and dilemmas of the artist. Moreover, the important characteristic of the artist’s work is his perennial theme. Tomalski’s graphic works are a personal inquiry, not only into new graphic techniques but also concepts of transcendence and transience that preoccupy him. They are shown in metaphysical and artistic way. Graphic works entitled The Outflows, Epidermy, Borderline, The Flows, Inertia, Apeiron, Continuum and Hypothesis are interconnected by the artist’s interest to explore our universe, physical elements of our world, cosmology and cosmogony and in them he creates his own metaphorical narrative in order to reveal the immaterial through figuration, as well as through his own metaphysical speculations. In his works, the artist is searching for answers to questions concerning the phenomena of life and existence, and through his own reconsiderations he creates new graphic signs. Tomalski has created an incredibly distinguished oeuvre stemming from his own creative and existential thought. His visual language communicates a personal vision of the greatest mystery and destiny of every human – death. However, his graphics do not contain any pathos in their approach to the theme; Tomalski uses very refined, reflexive, philosophical and intellectual motives, images, signs and techniques and gives them a personal, intimate interpretation.

Krzysztof Tomalski’s graphics are the embodiment of the artistic notions of value, technical innovation and dedication to the so-called manual part of graphic art. He cultivates ideas of graphic art as a craft, he also gives detailed explanations of the alintaglio techniques with incredible educational clarity that stems from his long-time involvement and teaching at the Academy in Krakow.

The works of Krzysztof Tomalski are equivalent to the notions of contemporary graphic art, he is an artist who combines his technical and theoretical thoughts on graphics, and his own oeuvre is an excellent demonstration of technical skill, creativity and art.

It is a great honour to organise a solo exhibition at Splitgraphic Biennial for the great Polish graphic artist and professor, because his graphics speak an exceptional, valuable and unique visual graphic art language of today.

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