Virtual online exhibition KILOBYTE OF THE SOUL by MIA VUČIĆ


Share, 170×110, digital archival print on canvas, 2020.

We are inviting you to the virtual online solo exhibition by MIA VUČIĆ titled KILOBYTE OF THE SOUL!

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Croatian graphic artist and printmaker Mia Vučić participated over the years in official selections of Splitgraphic Biennial’s group exhibitions. She received Award for Young Artist in 2011 at 5th Splitgraphic Biennial.

Short biography:

Mia Vucic, born september 8th,1981 in Zagreb, Croatia.
Her occupations are graphic art (digigraphie
®​), and education.
In her works, she explores the interrelationships of technology, identity and spirituality of man. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

Error 404, 170×110, digital archival print on canvas, 2019.

Foreword for the exhibition was written by Splitgraphic’s curator Marina Petit.

“The artist successfully superimposes chaotically patterned yet well-controlled black strokes that express emotion versus digital, in exploring and searching for spiritualities transported into the computer world. Through the signs of technical interfaces, she searches for the spiritual, for her own soul, creating and combining these primary elements of the screen into powerful abstract compositions on white backgrounds. ”

Recommended Actions, 170×110, digital archival print on canvas, 2019.

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