Info 9th Splitgraphic 2019-2020

Dear friends, artists and associates,
We slightly slowed down the exhibition calendar for the 9th Splitgraphic Biennale. There are two reasons.
The first is that Splitgraphic Biennial coordinator Marina Petit is still on maternity leave.
The second reason is the planned renovation of Split’s Old City Hall, which hosts Splitgraphic group exhibitions. The renovation will probably begin at the and of this year, and will probably be finished in 2020. Since this venue is special to us and has become a visual trademark of the Splitgraphic Biennale, we will wait for it to be renovated. Once the exact opening date of the venue is known, a Call for entry for the next group exhibition will be announced.
In the meantime Splitgraphic will continue to organise exhibitions. Already in October 2019 we are organising solo exhibition of renowned Japanese printmaker Yoshio Imamura from 24th October to 12th November in Salon Galić Gallery in partnership with HULU-Split.
A group exhibition of Spanish contemporary graphic art has already been arranged in collaboration with FIG Bilbao for 2020. 
As you can see from all of the above Splitgraphic goes on!
A bit slower than before for objective and personal reasons, but we hope to be better with each new exhibition and collaboration.
Thank you so far and we look forward to future collaborations!
Splitgraphic Biennial
Marina Petit and Pavo Majić

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